independent photographer & language lecturer in Taipei. lived and worked in China for the past 7 years, now based in Taiwan. native from France & Brazil, born in 1978, lived 22 years abroad in different countries and cultures.

ethno eco documentary photography. if you are looking for something genuine, welcome to my website.

i like natural light, the beauty of the ordinary, to capture things as they are. to be on the field, close to the people, to value the human connection. soul, feelings, emotions, sensations, impressions, movements, colors, light, forever chasing the essence of life.

adventurous, intuitive, spontaneous and energetic, i am always looking for authenticity and new perspectives on things and life. my photography style is natural with a focus on awaking emotions & senses.


assignments and photos will be given free of charge to humanist and ecological projects, and to non-profit organizations.